For the last three nights in a row I’ve been able to make dinner!!!!


(More importantly) my favorite Marrtians have been home to join me at the dinner table. 

Lots and lots of drama on Marrs lately. 

Kate finally felt empowered enough to walk away from a dysfunctional cheer squad (almost 40 girls on the squad her freshman year to 5 only a few weeks into her junior one…. If it were any other sport could you imagine the outcry with that kind of drop in numbers????). It’s been a bumpy few months as we were encouraging her to power through and “wait it out”. Unfortunately, it’s been a few years of “waiting it out” and was no longer fun.  At the end of the day, you can’t spend 20 plus hours a week working your backside off for something that doesn’t bring joy.  Life’s just too stinking short. 

The added benefit???

Well, besides the no fighting as she really felt that pulled and powerless????

Family dinners are back on the table. 

It’s so stinking nice. 

For as long as it lasts as we are insisting on a part time job to save for college. 

But for now I am loving the chilling over a meal (since I should have been Italian) and then the quiet before I’m awake with Danny at 2:00am. 



I’m no longer a cheer mom. And OMGosh I feel like someone just handed my 75 hours of incredibly precious free time.  Katie bear and I will spend our quality time having more dinners together and getting our nails done, which is ultimately more rewarding and more of where she wants me.  


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