An unexpected trip home…



My stepmom of almost 35 years was in a car accident a few days ago.  

I haven’t gotten a bunch of information from my dad. He’s always downplayed things. 

But last night I got a quick text about a relocation to a different hospital and a broken pelvis.  

That’s actually pretty serious. 

Way more serious than he’s let on.  

So, after a very short discussion with Hugh, I am hitting the sunshine state to help. I’ve learned a bunch of things by being Dannys mom. One of the biggest is that Ive become an expert at navigating the health care system and accessing every single support you can lay hands on. 

So, I’m off to see for myself what is actually going on, and help my dad transition her into rehab.  

I expect another trip down in a month or two to help transition her home. 

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