Busy busy day…..


And it’s not over yet. 

We are on our way back to the hospital with dinner. Bringing food seems to be more successful getting calories into Denise than eating what the hospital provides. 

There’s a plan for tomorrow and rehab over the next couple of days….fingers crossed there are no complications getting her there. 

And a loose plan of home modifications for when Denise is allowed to come home. 

I’m glad I came down. 

And I’m glad I’m here for a couple of days until the routine is established.   It’s not much the running for dog food and lunch. But it takes things off their plates and allows the healing. And the coping with the new reality for the next month or so.  

And as a quick update, my “wicked stepmom” 😂 has a broken collarbone, a few fractured ribs, a punctured lung, and a fractured pelvic bone.  She looked so much better than I feared she would today. 

Tomorrow will be another long one but at least I feel like I’m “sort of” helping.  I think the biggest help is to be here for dad to bounce things off of while he processes all of this. 

It could have been so very much worse.  She (and they) were both very very lucky. 

And I remember just how much I love and miss Florida. 

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