Not a bad view to wake up to…



There are many worse places in the world to have “help” in. 

Denise (my stepmom) was moved into a regular bed from icu yesterday. She has a broken collar bone, some cracked ribs, punctured lung, and fractured pelvis all on her left side.   Today she’s spending running a bunch of tests to see if she’s stable enough to be moved down to the rehab floor. 

This morning, my father brought her breakfast on his way into work, as he needed to attend a staff meeting. I’m spending the morning tiding up the house, laundry, running to pick up dog food and other such stuff (hopefully I can squeeze in a few minutes at the beach before I have to start my day in earnest) and then bringing lunch to the hospital.  

She’s looking pretty good, the pain meds are totally helping.

Hopefully this afternoon will be spent gathering things from the house to make thinks more comfortable and homey in anticipation of the move to rehab. 


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