A quick update…


What a difference some time makes. 

My “wicked stepmother” was in a pretty nasty jaws of life crash in Florida just under two weeks ago. 

She was moved out of icu the day I arrived and began physical therapy as they opted not to do surgery on her broken pelvis. 


Dad has brought the dogs and encouraged visitors to speed along the healing. 

Today he texts me:
An exchange I just had with Denise:

D. I walked this afternoon YAY!!
B. No way?!
D. Yup! About 12 steps leaning on the lowered bar then he lowered my walker and did about 6 more steps , great hey
B. Wow
D. Yes wow, totally knackered but good stuff xxx
B. That is so awesome! 

Honestly, I can’t believe with how hurt she was (to recap- broken collar bone, 5 ribs, punctured lung, and pelvis all on her left side) they are continuing rapidly to move to using a walker. 

Who knew she was this kind of tough?


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