Monthly Archives: November 2015

Poor d…


He really hasn’t been himself this last week.  I’m hoping it’s just the are you sure it’s November because it feels like January weather we’ve been having.  

Poor baby hasn’t left the chair at his computer except to go to his room. 

We were so very lucky to get him to the train on his birthday. 


I’m hoping that next week with the weather bouncing back, he does as well. 

If not, it’s going to be a long long winter. 


Sometimes I’m able to claim my favorite room…


A long day of watching Danny struggle with the cold was topped by a great evening catching up with dear dear friends.   I hate that sometimes life collides making it too long between conversations. 

When the planets align, I can claim a few minute in my favorite space in the house. Right now I’m chilling with my iPad waiting for Kate to get home. 



Night all

Too cold to get out???


I always wondered growing up what kind of folks that had more than one Christmas Tree. 

Apparently we are those folks. 



 We have two. 

One ginormous “glam” tree in the entryway. 

And a smaller one in Danny’s space that holds all the decorations the kids have made through the years. 

Danny’s been surfing Christmas videos on YouTube since the pools closed.  He would be content for it to be Christmas any time it’s not summer. 


Happy Thanksgiving 2015….


We don’t do a traditional Thanksgiving dinner here on Marrs. 

I don’t know if it’s the association of the drama filled police visiting every holiday when I was a kid  to see if everything is “Okay” that did it in for me. 

Or if I’m like the kids and just don’t particularly care for turkey….

Instead, I cook untraditional holiday meals on Marrs. I just make what ever the kids ask for….on a pretty table….



Although, if you had seen our weather, breaking out the grill was kind of a pain in the ass….next time??? We are totally ordering Jack Beau Joes. 


It was still worth it to show my four favorite folks and two dogs how incredibly thankful I am for them. 

I am blessed seems to be a theme here on Marrs. 


Oh thank goodness….


That Pete from Lakewood Plumbing took some time away from his family on this cold and snowy Thanksgiving to address our main line plumbing oh my gosh are you kidding emergency. 

So worth the money spent. 


And he’s on his way back home with a “thank you” bottle of wine for his turkey dinner this evening. 

And Marrs is back on line all before Hugh and Jack got home from flag football in the hood. 


Happy Thanksgiving Eve….


I am blessed…..

As I hit the grocery store, it occurs to me

How stinking much I am blessed. 

I am so far from how I grew up. My magical boring… even with the drama of Danny’s issues existence….

I am blessed. 

So much so, I’ve extended thanksgiving into two days!!!  Because no way does my celebration of my thankfulness be contained to one day. 

Happy Thanksgiving Eve. 


Our first adventure of Ds 16th year????


Georgetown Loop 

And a special birthday wish from Santa himself. ๐Ÿ˜‚


Trains, family, and Santa….three of Ds favorite things.  Even though he wasn’t sure about coming up (he’s struggling a bit today) he’s darn glad we made him.