Last winter Hugh tells me…


…honey, you know…the next NYC marathon is run on my birthday…I think I’m going to enter the lottery….

So, after much discussion….this is how we spent Hugh’s 49th birthday. 

He left at an ungodly hour to run the race….


And after a touristy detour of getting on the wrong subway….we ended up here. 

Then after fighting the ungodly crowds and badly labeled and stinky subway, we caught up with Hugh to deliver a Gatorade during his last mile…

Best part of the apartment we rented was the location. Not only was it in an amazing neighborhood a 1/2 block off the park in the upper west side, it was just a few blocks off of the finish line. As an added bonus, the street was closed.  Making it the safest one in Manhattan. And the quietest. 

He finished. 

And while it wasn’t his best time. It was his  best New York time. 


Happy birthday babe. 

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