Today was a scary day….


And as Kate posted on her Instagram “scary days remind me (us) of how lucky I am (we are) to have you”


Danny had a seizure today.  This afternoon. One minute Lyndsey and I were chatting and the next she’s dialing 911 as I’m trying to keep d from hurting himself. 

A tonic-clonic (aka grand mal) seizure.  

It was incredibly scary complete with arguing with the paramedics as to why Danny isn’t responding to them and he’s only agitated because he doesn’t know any of you and you are holding on to him and not understanding him…..Ohmygosh I just watched my baby have a seizure for the first flipping time…..lets all ride in the ambulance…day. 

We are home. 

And I’m crashing in ds room. 

The doc at the ER was great. Totally helped that I could get ahold of Dr N at the clinic on my cell while dialing his, while she was jumping through doc hoops….love that he took a minute when I called and intruded on his life like that by the way….

He’s not changed meds, had a fever, or a head injury so we are at a loss as to why now.

Our next steps is a neuro consult (locally as both the ER doc and ds pediatrician had the same name for me) to try to nail down the “why now?” of today. 

I will update as we have more information. 

But for now, I’m going to do what I’ve always done when stressed since I’ve become a mom….

I’m going to listen to him sleep. 

It’s better than the ocean rolling in for sleeping.  Although, I’m sure, Danny would prefer not to hear my snoring all night. 

Too bad so sad.  Deal with it babe. 

And quit scaring me (and all the Martians including Mateo, because that boy hit honorary Martian but only for the day status today) like that. 

Ok buddy????

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  1. I hate seizures, and I’m so sorry that Danny had one. My daughter started having them out of the blue two years ago at age 15. I hope you get answers, but in the seizure/epilepsy world they are often few and far between. If you’re lucky it was a one time thing! Best of luck to you!

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    • As I’ve been researching, that’s been my take on it….that even though you can eeg, it’s a bunch of waiting to see if it happens again. That the best you can do is rule out a bunch of really bad things.

      Hopefully it was just a blip but I expect it’s a new mito symptom.

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