Dannys update. 


I really really liked the new neurologist. 
It totally helped that Dr Pam (Danny’s pediatrician) was able to have a conversation with her first explaining who we were, Ds medical condition, ect. 

Moving forward, we are skipping the EEG. Danny has had four at different times and they don’t really give us enough information to warrant putting him through a test he absolutely hates. 

We are doing the MRI. We are going to compare it with the one we did in Cleveland a year ago January. We don’t expect it to show any changes, based on his neuro evaluation today, but I want to be a hundred percent sure…so we are going forward with the test. 

And now we wait. 

To see if it happens again. 

And we both think that this is probably not the last of it which at that point we intervene with medication. 

I’ve been encouraged to get back to life as normal, with some precautions and plans in place to manage the next time. 

So back to normal (or at least our new normal) it is.  


I have to tell you, this new normal of trusting Children’s Hospital is crazy😂😂

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