Monthly Archives: December 2015

My husband knows me…


So much so that when the weather is like this in December 

he encouraged a spring break trip during the worst of his busy season at work for the kids and I. 

Flights are booked, yay points, the car is rented….all that’s left is to book a place to stay. 

Where you asked???

Back where my roots are. 

The kids and I are hitting Martin County Florida  

Don’t know where exactly  yet, depends on VRBO. 


Salt water and humidity, here we come!!!

Danny’s new favorite store???


You would not believe the amount of mirrors in a jewelry store!!! 

He was so funny. Dancing around, checking out his eyes…  Unfortunately he made us giggle so much, I forgot to capture the joy on the phone. But I did manage to capture the cooperation.  



Lindsay stopped by with her kids to drop Christmas presents…


She scored. 

How do I know???  Both made the collection. 

A way to project a rainbow on the wall…   

And some super fun fabric for his “new flag”


I am not sure my presents will score so highly. 😂😂

Just call me Wendy…



It’s a Christmas secret. 

D is getting an electric train for Christmas. 


So, we needed some thing to put the train on in his space. 

I scored a new to me wood kitchen table for a song. 

I cut the legs and added wheels so we can roll it out of the way when we are done. 

Ta and Da. 


A little bit of vitamin d and a repurposing project makes for a great right before Christmas day. 

Sing it with me….”Bob the builder, can you fix it? Bob the builder, yes we can…”