D meets Santa and a quick update from yesterday’s testing….


(First the fun and then the medical) 

Hugh and I took Dan to southwest plaza and the Santa experience. Omgosh!!! He loved it!! The movie while on the rocket sleigh and meeting Kris Kringle himself!!!  It was awesome. 

The photographer caught D in mid “Santa” sign. 


And D rocked his MRI yesterday. Both behaviorially and with the results. This MRI was consistent with the one we did 15 months ago in Cleveland, there were no changes.  Great great news after the grand mal seizure a month ago….


Although, we did discover during a routine CBC that poor Mr Danny is pretty anemic. Dr Pam is a godsend. We have a plan. Hopefully D tolerates the new meds  and we can bring his numbers up without too many issues. Fingers crossed that this works during cold and flu season. 

The rest of the labs come back after a bit and if there are any major changes, I’ll be sure to update again. 

Needless to say, if you enjoy a good rib eye, you might want to pop by Marrs for breakfast moving forward. 


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