Danny labels stuff…and sometimes it’s tricky to translate…but it ALWAYS makes sense when you figure it out….


Danny communicates so well. He labeled his world. But sometimes it’s not always apparent why he signs what he signs. 

Sometimes he will sign for things like movies the sign for what strikes him during the movie rather than the title.  

So translating d can sometimes be difficult. 

D surfs YouTube. 

And once in a while YouTube will remove clips or shows that violate copyright. 

Unfortunately we may use those clips as a gateway clicking our little heart out to get to a favorite clip. 

Today there was a “removed because of a third party infringement” or other such stuff message on Ds desktop today. 

And then  my poor peanut kept signing rabbit. 

I popped in our Baby Bach dvd as there’s a rabbit in the main menu…

Uh nope that’s not it. 

Lyndsey was so patient and chatted Danny through the day as I ran errands. 

I came home and explained that sometimes YouTube moves movies around and we will stumble across it. 

He chilled. 

He is asleep now. But I’m still puzzled by what he could have possibly been asking for when he signed rabbit and bear 

After searching the clips that I’ve been hearing recently…I found it!!!

It has both a rabbit and a bear. And i didn’t hear d click on it once today. 

He’s going to be so excited that I was finally smart enough to figure out what was completely obvious to him. 

He’s so stinking patient with me. 


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