Monthly Archives: February 2016

My life is exhausting…


But not for the reasons you might think. 

Yeah, sometimes Danny doesn’t sleep. 

But I’m not exhausted because of that. 

It’s dealing with the folks that are here that are in place to “help” us. 

Dealing with all the moving parts can be exhausting. Calling the insurance company because we got a bill for a copay and reminding them that Danny has Medicaid for a secondary insurance so we don’t actually owe this money. 

Staying on top of labs and doc visits and making sure that all members of team d get copies of what they need. 

But the biggest headache is also communicating with the agency that the folks that help us actually work for. The redundancies of the “projected schedule”. 

For heaven sakes, he’s a 16 year old young man and has his own ideas on how his day is going to look and could care less what some organization thinks he should be doing. 

Or he has a no sleeping night and we spend the next day close to home. 

Pretty much any schedule I write for an upcoming week is tossed aside the first fifteen minutes on Monday. 

So, I then have to send a second email with all changes to times and the services that were provided. You know, because sometimes you want to ride the gondola in Breckenridge for the entire time someone is here. 

Seems like a ginormous waste of time that I just don’t have because an agency can’t come up with a more efficient policy to make sure that the folks were in the house when they said they were in the house. 
Signing a paper time card perhaps???

Sometimes old school is the best option. 

Being a part of an agency’s first year of entering the DD system is a headache that I won’t ever repeat.  No matter their pay rate. The constant biweekly changing of policies and procedures is too much on top of actually managing this family. 

Over this last year it’s gotten lost that Danny is a sixteen year old young man with his own ideas. 

It’s too bad.