“No one gets it, mom”


Kate and I were chatting this afternoon. 

We blocked off some time today for prom dress shopping.  However, folks tried to put some things on her calendar. She just told them she had something she couldn’t move. 

She didn’t explain that it was shopping for a prom dress. Because most people would think that was a lame excuse. 

It’s not on Marrs. 

You see, it’s Hugh’s busy season. So he’s working 14-16 hour days. We can’t just hop in the car when he gets home…nothing is open. 

And then there’s D. 

I can’t leave him alone or with Jack for a few hours. We need his help to be available. 

If I can specially arrange it, it’s in the afternoons. 

So, today, between 12:45pm and 4:00pm….we hunted down a prom dress. 

The amount of planning involved for Kate and I to do anything that remotely resembles something typical mommas and daughters do, you wouldn’t believe. 

And honestly, unless you’ve experienced it first hand, it is no wonder “no one gets it”


(You’ll see the front in a few weeks when it’s prom.)😂😂

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