We explored our new provider’s center today…



Danny will still receive services in our house, but we made a switch earlier this month from an agency that was a home health care provider to an agency that is a child care provider. Different requirements with the state, and a better fit for us at this time. 

Today we checked out their center. 

I don’t like centers. 

I don’t care for the institutional vibe. But I did like this place. It felt like a home, it just happened to not be our home.  

Megan’s Place is a respite center for children with developmental disabilities and their families. 

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  1. Sounds good so far. I have what they call the Wraparound/Reach program. The Wraparound part of it is when it is court ordered, and the one I use is the Reach program (which is not court ordered). My son has a crisis stabilizer for those times that I can’t get him to calm down, plus he has a in-home therapist. Every little help…helps.

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    • Megans place is a “day care” for hide with disabilities. Child care after school, ect… It was near. Unfortunately their capacity is only 12 kids.

      And they were willing to manage Dannys at home team.

      Kate and I both liked the owners, Kristin and Brian. I like what they are trying to do.

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      • While they have a couple of emergency slots, it’s not an emergency respite center. The slots are more if your in home help flakes out and it’s your husband’s firm’s Christmas Party.

        They’ve been around for two years. Just long enough to work out the growing pains. 🙂

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      • Over here, it seems like most places need more professionals in the area. My son is 17 and it took a long time to find the right fit and the special school to help. We finally found it but its those moments at home that can be difficult. I call him my two point two second child because a blow up can be out of the blue.

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