Monthly Archives: April 2016

Just in case you were wondering about our inability to commit…


Because our inability to commit prohibits your no longer asking…

It’s not always us, though there are a few dear friends that have stuck with us through the misunderstandings. 

I will reach out to try to reconnect with friends only to have the volunteering of help pulled 

I get this right hours after the offer to work. And while i would never suggest a mom to blow off her sons bday, Selfishly l know there  are only so many invites you decline before people stop inviting no matter the legit reason, so I wish she never would have offered …because I reached out to make plans four hours because I would have thought after four hours I would have heard if there were a scheduling conflict. Not so much…

Ethan’s birthday is tomorrow. We’re celebrating his birthday tomorrow night. I’ll be able to give you and Hugh the night off next Friday.  

And these have been my reliable folks. 


Most of you will never understand how the  constant canceling will wear on relationships

But in the spirit of full disclosure  
You know most times our cancelling has very little to do with us 

And the cancellations are just as frustrating because we know with each cancellation brings us closer to dropping off of your invite list 

Stupid social media…


I’ve been pretty active on Facebook lately. 

Doing something I never do over social media…I took and will continue to take a political stand. 

It’s the bathroom drama that is out there right now. 

I’m responding to the very angry “wtf is wrong with people…I would never let my child in a restroom that a man is in….”

I will address the ridiculousness of that statement in a minute…

But first I want to address how that blanket of a statement coming from a fellow momma who has a kiddo with special needs is shortsighted and fuels a fire that has no purpose in burning. 

Danny is 16 and is a head taller than I am. 

Thereby making him a “man” to the general population

AND he requires help in the bathroom….something I would have expected “our” population to understand and realize the dangerousness of the above blanket statement. 

So, sometimes because there is no family bathroom or they are occupied….he and I will venture into the women’s restroom. 

He’s not a “perve”. Hell, he’s the farthest thing from it.  But we still will get the “looks”. 

But he and I focus on nature and ignore them.  Because that is what we have done his entire life. 

Moving on 

There have been an amazing group of folks that have been on team D through the years. 

I’ve gotten to know them all. The one thing they all have in common is their love for D. 

One of them, and I sure hope I get how I say this right, has identified themselves as a transgender (sorry if I’ve stated this wrong, as I am sure those who know me know my intent)

I never appreciated the hate and vileness that this amazing person with the most amazing heart lived under daily. 

The bigotry we’ve experienced is just the tip of the iceberg 

I have to tell you, I while I admired and loved and thought I understood the depth of their strength and character…I was naive as I thought the rest of the country had realized it wasn’t 1956 but 2016…

All of this just goes to show how amazing Danny’s team has been through the years.  And how blessed we have been to have all of you in our lives. Thank you again!!!