…it’s hard to reconcile how Danny looks with what he can do from an energy standpoint. 

Danny looks good right now. 

So much so he and I waited in the line to go to Roxborough Park for a hike. It’s new to him, I had a low key loop, it’s pretty…all the things required for a successful outing. 


Only today, not so much. 

We got 50 feet in and the big guy had enough and asked to go home. 

We have the luxury to do things on Danny time. Without forcing him to engage if he chooses not to. Which makes when he feels well enough and chooses to all the more special. 

It’s so nice to be able to access help and allowing Danny to make his own choices (as he is a sixteen year old young man and capable of letting us know his wants and desires as he is the only one who knows how strong he feels on any given day)

You would be surprised how hard that can be to do, while accessing help. 

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