It’s always something…


First off, let me just say this should have never been my headache. 

A month back I changed Danny’s agency from a home health care agency to a child care one. It was a better fit for our home more fluid and allowing Danny more control in his day. 

The team came with us. 

Yesterday I got a phone call from the ED of the child care facility….Laura, I just got backgrounds back yesterday, we have a problem. 

One of Dannys folks did not pass background. 

Now you would think that the health care agency we were with that was so insistent on projected schedules, actual schedules worked, site surveys, and insistence on communication with a stranger for hours to count as community would have the same sort of stringent policies and procedures for their hiring. 


Not the case. 

Apparently the day care down the road that typical children go to does a more through background check for their employees than that home health care agency that services an incredibly vulnerable population. 

So now, my calendar is half full, I have to train someone else, and I have to explain to Danny why his friend isn’t coming anymore. 

Like I said, this should have never been my headache. 


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