A new member of medical team D….



Danny has had GI trouble his whole life. 

Multiple food intolerances, needing to supplement enzymes every time he eats…

Basically, d is just intolerant to food. 

On more than one occasion, we’ve gotten the “well, it doesn’t seem to be affecting his growth…”

(Insert eye roll here.)

Please, there is also no reason for my sixteen year old to feel so icky all of the time either. 

Today, I met with a new to us GI doc at Children’s. Not only did he take seriously my wanting to get D feeling better, he seemed genuinely intrigued to try and nail down all the moving but not quite working parts of that puzzle for Danny. 

Such a change in attitude from the very first doc we saw at Children’s in the same speciality because Danny was bent over arms of chairs to get his tummy to feel better as a toddler. Her recommendation was to just “increase his fiber”

I wonder why it’s different. 

I can’t believe how different this place is. The attitudes are a 180 from how it was to walk into the downtown location a dozen years ago. 

Or maybe it’s me. 

But I’m enjoying the positive and collaborative discussions that Dr Pam has set up with a conversation or two prior to Danny and I walking in the door. 


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