Just in case you were wondering about our inability to commit…


Because our inability to commit prohibits your no longer asking…

It’s not always us, though there are a few dear friends that have stuck with us through the misunderstandings. 

I will reach out to try to reconnect with friends only to have the volunteering of help pulled 

I get this right hours after the offer to work. And while i would never suggest a mom to blow off her sons bday, Selfishly l know there  are only so many invites you decline before people stop inviting no matter the legit reason, so I wish she never would have offered …because I reached out to make plans four hours because I would have thought after four hours I would have heard if there were a scheduling conflict. Not so much…

Ethan’s birthday is tomorrow. We’re celebrating his birthday tomorrow night. I’ll be able to give you and Hugh the night off next Friday.  

And these have been my reliable folks. 


Most of you will never understand how the  constant canceling will wear on relationships

But in the spirit of full disclosure  
You know most times our cancelling has very little to do with us 

And the cancellations are just as frustrating because we know with each cancellation brings us closer to dropping off of your invite list 

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  1. I totally feel you! We have four caregivers scheduled weekly to care for my children and I. I schedule them meticulously and print out a schedule for each one. Someone is always calling out, leaving early, or coming late, even though when I hire them I explain we need a week or two notice if they have a schedule conflict. None of them give us notice, even though I contact them during my making the schedule. We always seem to get schedule changes the day of a invite or event. It makes me insane and they all want more hours or to make up the time missed. I think I am just going to say no! They obviously don’t care how they disrupt our lives. Big Hugs!!!

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