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Even if it all falls apart tomorrow we hit twenty years….😘


all I remember is your back

Walking towards the airport, leaving us all in your past

I traveled fifteen hundred miles to see you

Begged you to want me, but you didn’t want to

But piece by piece he collected me

Up off the ground where you abandoned things, yeah

Piece by piece he filled the holes

That you burned in me at six years old

And you know,

He never walks away

He never asks for money,

He takes care of me

He loves me

Piece by piece he restored my faith

That a man can be kind and a father could… stay”

In a month we will celebrate (although you really should get credit for the 3.5 years we dated….just saying)  20 years of being married  to a man that could have chosen to leave any number of crazy messy it’s not what I thought my life worth I’d be times…

Poor Hugh. 

He fought my history of my father leaving because of my mother’s drinking when I was six.  He (my father) chose to his new  posting half way around the world without my sister and me to leave us with someone that he knew should not be responsible for children (as that was why he left her) but because that was the way things were done back then….my relationship with my father was letters and summers…(btw, I can’t imagine Hugh ever coping out to “how things were done”.  He would have been involved then even if our marriage fell apart – what was socially  acceptable within the confines of the us service be damned)

Add in that we’ve had a child that required so much.

The man I’m married to not only rocks the divide and conquer, he also coached any team our kids needed. 

I didn’t make sticking it out easy for him,  I’m ashamed to admit. The statics of divorce among special needs parents and then my history.

But he stayed. 

And you know what??? He’s my still my favorite person on the planet to chill with.  When we can. πŸ˜‚

Such a lifetime from the bathroom on the base where my mother told me that my father was leaving….

I am dumbfounded he chose to stay. But I am so very grateful he did. 

Continuation for Sir Jack…


He is now a part of the high school class of 2020. 

I can’t believe it. 

He’s at the big school next year…..heck, it’s what I used to say when he and I would drop the big kids at Shaffer and stop for a yellow bagel with white butter (plain bagel and cream cheese never cut never toasted) and then he went to see Miss Chris….soon you will be at the big school buddy….

My life in a screen shot….


You know you are a special needs momma when your “recents” list has you chatting more with your chronic care nurse than your husband….


We were trying to button up a GI procedure for d that also included a bunch of “rounding out the medical file” testing Dr N has been wanting for years…

Unfortunately, Mr Dan threw a wrench in the massive coordination by picking up some upper respiratory gunk. 

So we are at least two more weeks out. πŸ˜•

From a behaviorial interventionist standpoint…


This is the exact wrong thing to do. 

Danny has never slept well. Technically he is a “short sleeper”

Ironically, he is happiest and sleeps best when all five of us go on a trip and share a hotel room. 

Since November I’ve been camping out on Dannys floor.  

It started after the seizure. 

Then we had the nightmare that was iron supplementation because of the anemia. 

Then it became busy season. 

Danny sleeps better when he can hear his momma snore. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

But I’m old and tired of sleeping on the floor.  

So, after talking with Hugh today, I spent the morning moving the guest bed from the basement to our room

That way should Danny decide in the middle of the night he needs to sleep close to mom, I still get to sleep in a bed.  He comes to us rather than me going to him.  It’s worth a shot, anyway. 

I know, I can totally feel the judgement. Luckily the ladies that were my most behaviorially slanted now have their own families…..and understand how golden a full night’s sleep actually is. 


First plane here….last plane home…


By the time we get back, we will be 20 hours away from the house. It’s exhausting and the perfect amount of time to actually let it all go. My not so inner control freak will put it all down completely when we are gone knowing that there is nothing I can’t undo if Danny begins to become frustrated tomorrow. 

I’m still amazed that the planets aligned for our 14 hours in Vegas. 

And the Bamboo Pool at the Cosmopolitan totally lived up to its reviews.