Monthly Archives: July 2016

Ohmygosh….in the words of Kenny Chesney “I go back “


My 30, count them actually 30 YEARS, reunion is next week.  

I’m so stinking excited to hang with this lady 

Because there is no explaining the picking up where you left off no matter the decades and distance and the responsibilities. 

I’m pretty sure there will be a pic posted on social media next week with both of us having an “adult beverage” although the this time it won’t require a fake ID…ohmygosh please don’t tell Kate (or Jack)

There are pitfalls for writing a public blog….


Mostly around privacy. 

And yes, public blog and privacy do seem to be an oxymoron. 

But most folks who check in with us I know. Because we are connected through Facebook or because we connect other ways. 

But there are instances where even I can’t puzzle out the connection someone might have to me and my family especially given the pattern of how frequently they check in to see how we are.  

My hope is for a more transparent checking in so my momma bear doesn’t have me changing how we do things thereby inconveniencing a whole bunch of folks as I protect the ones I hold closest to my heart 


Total deja vu…


We sent another of “our boys” home to their parents from DIA.  

You would think it would get easier…. Not so much. These young men become a part of our families complete with the vigilance of keeping D out of harms way. 

I hope we get to see Ernesto relatively soon and meet his siblings, dad, and his actual momma (Carmen)

Again, what an amazing experience to get to know these kids brave enough to hop a plane and stay with strangers half a world away.