Monthly Archives: August 2016

Notice Hugh is in the only appropriate footware for today’s adventure…


So it’s only fair he carried the water up the hike….good thing he’s training and can do hills short term without water. 😂😂😂

Forgive the over posting, honestly there was no way Danny made this hike.  Today even with all the stopping, our sweet Danny’s tenaciousness overrode his genetics and saw our corner of the world 360. 

Today was an amazing day.   

Mito isn’t stopping us, at least, not today…


Unstoppable Dan. 

He made the 1.7 mile hike with an elevation gain of 960 feet and then back down again.   We did it in 50 yard increments with lots of stops to rest. But he did it!!!!

We are just dumbfounded he found a way to get to the top and then back down again. D is, by far, the toughest person I know.