Four times a charm with Jeffco Homebound, just kidding…


Today I got a text and a call from Danny’s newest Homebound teacher that we both liked letting me know that she was resigning and relocating for her husband’s job. 

I get it. I really really get it. 
But now we are at 8 months still trying to go two weeks in a row having yet to hit the paltry 4 hours a week of instructional time the team agreed on for Ds IEP (that the individualized education plan for you folks never in the special Ed world) and for the back story- Danny can’t attend a full day of school for medical reasons. He is on Homebound which is different from homeschooling as Homebound provides us a sped teacher in the house since he can’t be in school for medical reasons rather than our choice…

A copy of what I sent to the very nice sped teacher at Ds home high school with the intent that it goes up the food chain..

The subject line of my email- Hi there. Happy end of summer and beginning of school year. Danny Marrs and the nightmare that is trying to access his Homebound services. 

Hope your summer was well

Jessica, none of the following is personal….I appreciate your role but I have no idea who to phone very loudly at Denver West building as I am all done dealing with Linda. Heath services is not taking their noncompliance of Danny’s iep for 8 months now very seriously. 

Just to loop you, Homebound sucks. Just completely sucks.

Danny still has yet to find a teacher. They sent me a significant needs teacher who wanted to do 4-5 hours after 6pm. They sent me a sped teacher that had never worked with a kiddo with Dannys level of need before (the other sped license, not what you have). Then they sent me a math teacher with no sped training at all. I thought we finally got lucky last week, they sent me a transition teacher who d and I both liked only to have her give her notice today. 

So, maybe 3-5 hours billed since January. 

I’m so beyond tired of it all. I’ve never asked the district for what he would be entitled to, and I still cannot get the joke of 4 hours a week direct instructional time filled.  

When you get a chance, either before school starts or maybe during our iep to keep him on Homebound…maybe we put away the computers and explore other options that don’t have me dealing with that stinking office even if it means we permanently remove his ability to choose to walk. 

Not going to lie, I’m so beyond frustrated especially with all the hoops and unresponsiveness and downright wondering why someone is staffing as if they never read the iep?

It’s now been 8 months and we have yet to see anyone twice in a row…

What do I do?

Who do I express my extreme frustration to as being patient with the i understand your limitations of hiring, blah blah blah is getting me no where and I’ve now hit the point that I don’t give a rats fanny, Danny deserved the bare minimum educational hours we put in his plan.   

Jeffco Homebound office has completely failed Danny. 

That they can’t even meet the the joke of 4 hours a week bare flipping minimum educational time…

What do I need to do to get someone at that damn administrative building to do their damn job and provide four freaking hours of educational support?

All done expressing my frustration 

Feel free to send up the food chain as I have no idea who to start with at the district level.   


Oh and if we’ve been passed back to Stacy totally fine. Just let me know. Thanks a bunch. 

(As a special momma, I’m not at all as worn out as Ds needs and challenges, but by the constant squeaky wheel existence so that someone, everyone, provides to D a portion of what he’s entitled to. The portion piece being what he can can physically do of what he actually deserves…..and yep, less than 24 hours home and I can feel the zen i got from my time off dissipate because of having to again, help someone who is here to help us do their jobs… I’m so tired of the constant emailing, following up, and ultimately going over heads…I’m not wired for this kind of constant conflict)

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