Spending time finding classrooms…


Tomorrow my baby starts high school. 

Holy cow!

Today, among picking up folders and pens….shopping for ties as he’s on the freshman football team and they are dressing out, we also wandered the high school hunting down Jack’s classes. 

First we found them, and then we did them in order a couple of times so he can recognize the turns because that high school is so stinking big.  

Honestly, if doing that helps him sleep tonight, so worth the extra fifteen minutes we spent there…twenty if you count how long it took us to find D hall for his access class😂😂

It was just yesterday that he and I would drop “the big kids” at Shaffer and then stop at Einstiens for a yellow bagel with white butter killing time before it was his turn to be dropped at Miss Chris’s preschool class as there wasn’t enough time to go home in between. 

They weren’t kidding about how the long days turned into crazy short  years. I would really like time to stop flying just for a bit….pretty pretty please. 

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