This was the email that actually got some fires lit…


You know, one of the things you learn as a special momma is how to effectively work the system. 

You start with working up the food chain trying to access services that your son is entitled to reminding people that doing their jobs is just the right thing to do. 

And then when that fails, as it always does, after a few weeks of just sitting in an inbox… then start being squeaky from the very top that you can find. 

In this case you search online for the lead of special education at the state level and send him an email. 

You know what?  

He starts to forward to the people who can actually help….and ohmygosh, then there phone calls are made back down the chain lighting fires. 

Today I heard from someone at the state level giving me her phone number and the if I’m not available phone number…in addition to hearing from the special education director at Jeffco talking through (yet again) who d is and what would be a good fit so she was prepared to walk across the hall to chat with Homebound so d may actually access his services he hasn’t been able to access for eight months.  

And if it doesn’t work, I have a few numbers at CDE that I can call, just to troubleshoot. 😉

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  1. The families of the teenagers I work with also have to ‘play the system’ so to speak. It’s wrong that they and you have to fight so much to get the support your children and family need x

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