Monthly Archives: September 2016

Our life in a nutshell….


Kate encouraging Danny to blow out her “happy birthday to you” candles on Danny friendly cupcakes before D decided to sock out for the night which was way earlier than Jack got home from football this evening… happy birthday to the most amazingly thoughtful lady with the new lottery ticket…



Yes, my laundry room is a mess….


I was just thinking that the laundry room needed some attention. 

I will never again buy a LG appliance. 

You know what is happening when the front of your front loading washer is leaking a teeny tiny bit???

The rest of the water in your washer is gushing out the back. 

Damn thing is less than a year old. 

We discovered the issue when we noticed our sump pump going off again…..


So, today…. back to lowes and we are going old school again. At least when a top loader breaks you know right away there is a issue. 

New one comes tomorrow. 

And next week, the laundry room gets some much needed attention. 

The “after” picture I’m sure will show a tidy well organized laundry room. Especially, if I take it before I actually do any laundry in it. 


Bucking Marrs family tradition….


Kate’s dad graduated from CU.   So did her three aunts and two of her three older cousins…

Miss Katie is bucking family tradition following in the footsteps of her namesake. 

She will be the second Kathleen Marrs to attend University of Northern Colorado.  

Da Bears.