The size of your house doesn’t matter….


When you open your home for hosting team dinner, 14/15 year old just done with practice young men are way more interested in the food than if they have a place to sit.

Most amazing thing ever was watching 30 boys and their 5 coaches inhale 6 pounds of pasta, a large pot of sauce with sausage and meatballs, 6 loaves of bread, 4 bags of salad, 2 large crock pots loaded to the brim with lasagna, 3 cases of water, and 3 batches of chocolate chip cookies…..knowing that they were all going to eat again when they got home

I hope that Kate and Jack remember their team dinners… That, like tonight, Kate compares football boys with cheer girls….and not how tired I was hosting after being up with D since 3:00am. That I’m able to give them a fairly typical kid memories among the ones they have about “the child that needs the most”

Tonight was well worth the day of cooking. 😂😂

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