Yes, my laundry room is a mess….


I was just thinking that the laundry room needed some attention. 

I will never again buy a LG appliance. 

You know what is happening when the front of your front loading washer is leaking a teeny tiny bit???

The rest of the water in your washer is gushing out the back. 

Damn thing is less than a year old. 

We discovered the issue when we noticed our sump pump going off again…..


So, today…. back to lowes and we are going old school again. At least when a top loader breaks you know right away there is a issue. 

New one comes tomorrow. 

And next week, the laundry room gets some much needed attention. 

The “after” picture I’m sure will show a tidy well organized laundry room. Especially, if I take it before I actually do any laundry in it. 


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