Team D is the best on the planet….


Dr Pam, Ds pediatrician, is one of my most favorite people on earth. 

At 6:50 on a Friday night, she is calling to let us know that so far there are no surprises with Danny’s blood work. If it looks wonky it’s where it’s looked wonky for a while.  We are a few months from the rest of the lab results….but for now, no major surprises. 

We’ve been seeing Dr Pam for almost fourteen years now. She’s not a “specialist”. She’s just a pediatrician who listens and takes time. She’s not afraid to tell me that she is stumped but at the same time is the best “well that doesn’t make sense so there must be a problem” common sense doc. 

We were so lucky to land on her caseload when Danny was two. She’s been advocating through our insurance hoops getting D the best possible care on the planet, no matter where in the country the experts might be….writing whatever medically necessary letter we need for any service we want to access for our d, even if it’s me wanting to see if there might be some benefit. 

It’s not always about “the best expert in your child’s condition” who you can only get in to see after 6 months, but those who you can work with to navigate all the hoops.  

I don’t know how we replace her in two years when Danny ages out of her pediatric practice.  For now I will continue to be grateful she’s (and Joanne, our amazing chronic care nurse) are in Dannys corner. 

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