Monthly Archives: November 2016

Look at how productive I’ve been…


Holiday cards!

It’s been seven (I think it’s actually been seven) years since I got the last batch out. Some years I bag it entirely. Then there are others that I manage to get them made, addressed, but for the life of me….I couldn’t get around to putting stamps on them and sticking them in the mail. 

Not this year.

I’ve ordered, addressed, and stamped them. 
If I haven’t collected your address lately, and you want to hear from me the old fashioned way… me your address. I’m on a roll right now and could very well likely pop one in the mail to you. 

Oops. I sent these out without actually looking at them…


As if we weren’t busy enough, Miss Katie Bear has decided this. 

We just condensed the next eight months into the next six weeks…oye vey…eh, go bears. 

Thank you dear family and those we love like family for not pulling out the red pen.