Monthly Archives: December 2016

It was a land speed record….


Hugh and I hadn’t finished our hello’s until we got a call pulling us back home because of d. 

So we are ringing in the new year much the same as we spent the year ….at home just us. 

We wish you all a happy 2017. 

And hope you are blessed with amazing  friends who continuly keep you on their social radar and still invite no matter how circumstances interfere with allowing you to commit. 

The cleanup continues….


They have pulled carpet, gutted the half bathroom, removed the paneling (but saving me a few pieces of the kids’ handprints that we painted on there the first month we were in the house; I’m sure there is a Pinterest project in my future to preserve those) removed the lower half of the drywall, scrubbed the concrete, saved what they can, tossed what they can’t….

Tomorrow we find out what the “stage” has been hiding.    After they move all that stuff to our garage…demo continues on rest of the paneling on that wall, the “bar area” and the “stage”. 

I have to tell you….


The crew of guys that are cleaning up and tossing out pretty much everything that was on the floor in our basement are all kind men….they are trying to save anything I have either mentioned is irreplaceable (they saved the second box containing grandma’s hand painted nativity scene) or was a massive headache to acquire (we’ve lost three OT swings but they’ve managed to save the OT ramp).   
They are all working incredibly hard cleaning up that ginormous mess but they are also all taking the time to be kind with our “heirlooms” that aren’t worth anything to anyone that isn’t a Marrtian.