It’s more than a sensory gym…


Up date- it fills a need if you are a parent of a preschooler. Not if you stay home with a teen. It’s unfortunate as there are a dozen places around town willing to take a preschooler even if a bit odd but only a couple to take pre teens and teens that enjoy play but may  be too old….oh wait- just kidding those dozen or so places don’t actually exist.  

D is a real  breathing human that doest understand folks not getting who he is. And honestly,  neither do I.  Especially if you choose to open a sensory gym. 

It fills a need. 

Not just for our kids, but for “the moms”. You know, because you don’t really fit in with typical moms.  

I’ve been enjoying our typical playground chatting with a few moms at D’s gym. And there’s a peanut that is so stinking cute on the brink of entering kindergarten. 

Mom was a bit like we all are/were at crossroads.  

I reached out to those that I trust, shared my opinions (as a mom can only observe), and then shared my…if this were me knowing what I know now, so sorry to intrude and offer my opinion to the “playground” chatting mom. 

I hope it helps.  At least I gave her a starting place as she navigates their journey on this bumpy bumpy road. 

It’s a safe place. For our kids and those that love them.  

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