It was too good to be true….


Apparently a gym for all ages and all abilities is just lip service. Today, I was told that there were three complaints about Danny yesterday and would I please consider using his membership that allows him open access during open play hours to when the gym is empty. 


I was with him during the entire gym trip yesterday. He was fine. He’s gotten to a point that he’s not seaking as much input. He’s carful not to jump on the trampoline when anyone else is in it because he realizes he’s bigger than the little kids. The three kids in the gym were not monitored like I watched Danny. All three of them ran in the swinging area when their moms weren’t looking. And wait for it, he didn’t hit any of them. 

Again, WTF.

This is a place that has the word spectrum in their business name. Danny is different. Apparently TOO different for acceptance and tolerance for a gym designed for kids with autism. 

No way do I subject him to that sort of intolerance. Life is too stinking short. He’s either welcome during any open play time like the membership we bought entitles him to, or we never step foot in We Rock The Spectrum again.  

I want this kind of dirty looks and unacceptance, I’ll go to the playground. 

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