Yeah, not so much….


We have two very large dogs. 

Living behind a fence.  Loving their peeps. 

We also have a dog door leading to our back garden. 

They are healthy, they are sweet, and they sometimes bark. Not as much as “typical” dogs since we do things differently here. 

I know this as they belong to d. And while they bark during the day, nighttime is different. Has been since they were pups.  They might not walk well on a leash but they are quiet during dark hours… they just are.

So imagine our surprise with our “new” neighbor’s knock on the door last night at 11:30pm and yelling about the “dogs we leave out and excessive barking”. 

Anyone who thinks that pounding on our door and screaming from the sidewalk is an appropriate reaction to a couple of dogs that don’t excessively bark who might have had a bad night is no one that I will talk to as their reactions aren’t under control.

And no one i want d and his “lets enter your home to see what you have” around. I appreciate we  aren’t  ideal neighbors but we do what we can to keep our marrtians (furry abd two legged) from interfearing with your lives.

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