It’s that time of year again…


Tomorrow I’m leaving making my way back to Cleveland….

I’m a bit apprehensive for this trip. D is, in many ways, a very typical seventeen year old young man. And as a typical seventeen year old, he has his own ideas on the timing of things. Sometimes those ideas don’t quite align with my timing….and boy oh boy, he lets me know.   Because he’s nonverbal, it looks different and to the untrained/unfamiliar eye….might even look a bit scary as he is bigger than me now. 

My hope is that we are able to get through airport and flights without Danny telling me to “stick it”. 

I’ve got my bag of tricks, lots of electronics, and food all ready to go. 

Today I put most of it together to make sure I can carry it all while pushing Ds stroller. 

I wouldn’t get caught behind us going through security. We sure don’t travel lightly. 😉

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