I couldn’t find Alice, but I did find Claire….


Staffing the house is tricky.

The medical piece paired with the nonverbal, I use sign language piece can unintentionally create behaviors.   And the amount of time involved in the training….if they make it, it takes months until they are left alone long enough for me to do more than run errands and actually take some time off. 

Right now, d and I are spending our days together. Totally fine, except that when I’m hanging with d…I’m not handling the other responsibilities involved in running the  home. 

It was too much. 

So, after a meltdown of my own we decided that instead of staffing D, we are staffing me.   I’ve always said, I needed Alice  from the Brady Bunch….part time and without the cheesy uniform. 

It was interesting to write up the job description.  Luckily, I found Claire to come for a few hours three days a week to help me keep my house and laundry under control as well as running whatever errand Danny chose not to do that day. 

It’s a big help, no it’s actuallly a huge help. 

Over the years, I’ve been told that folks wanted to help but didn’t know how to help with Danny. You know what?  It’s not as glamorous, but taking a load of laundry off my plate….or a quick run to the nursery so I can hang with d and get my planting done is helping.   And there’s the added benefit of no training involved, you jump right in and are a help from the get go. 

I’ve discovered that taking the household chores off my plate so I can focus my attention on d also keeps behaviors down.  

Both his and mine 😉

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