La la la la la…..BOOM….


D is 6 months from adult services. 

So it’s early but I plan, lets pick our adult Medicaid waiver….check. Now let’s find providers and make a transition plan…check, check, and check. 

Oh wait. 

Ya know because it can’t be that easy…. 

You know what’s going on now???  The interpretation of a line item of CES is changing. 

The written description?  Oh no. That’s staying the same. The interpretation had changed. 

By all of us that have read the regulation!?? Nope. By the folks that are in charge of Medicaid audits to make sure folks are compliant with the regs. 

Again   Nope. 

By some random person with the power to upset all that access CES and their providers. 
Her enforcement of the interpretation of

“4. Community Connector Services are intended to provide assistance to the client to enable the client to integrate into the client’s residential community and access naturally occurring resources. Community connector services shall:

a. Support the abilities and skills necessary to enable the client to access typical activities and functions of community life such as those chosen by the general population.

b. Utilize the community as a learning environment to assist the client to build relationships and natural supports in the client’s residential community.

c. Be provided to a single client in a variety of settings in which clients interact with individuals without disabilities, and”

Has changed from accessing our community to accessing our rec centers’ classss consistently weekly  


Wtf happened to self determination?

We are 6 months to changing waivers and have complied with every flipping hoop regulation and intrusion into our lives. so much so i feel i can navigate “the system”

“the system” changed the rules without imput from those that “the system” serves. Only with the mandate from somone at the state’s interpertation of the unchanged regs.

not ok.

So not ok.  

The state’s intrusion into our lives I will tolerate as we need the help.  But the damn state forgot that who they are flipping serving is a 17 year old almost adult make that in any other circumstance wouldn’t be “enrolled in an art class or sports activity” but would be doing it from high school and would be accessing “community services” to attend our local kegger rather than trying to swim in our neighborhood pools without mom 

Freaking state needs to get a grip on who they are serving as they aren’t serving d. 

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