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This boy right here…


We access a Medicaid Waiver, for those of you not in the disability world….it’s where we qualify for Medicaid based on need (disability) not on income. 

D has been on a children’s waiver for kiddos that require 24 hour line of sight supervision or institutional level supports in the home for 14.5 years. He’s 5 months from transitioning into adult services.  

Among other reasons, we can’t leave 17 year old  d alone, ever. He can’t determine an emergency or call 911 if one arises, beyond the nonverbal thing. 

D is who is impacted with the “new healthcare” reform. Our sweet, never hurt a fly, biggest heart d. 

That is who is affected by the latest “let’s not make the government insist we have health insurance which we have always had making Ds Medicaid a secondary insurance” bill coming out of the Senate right now.   

On Marrs, the ACA repeal is very very personal 

Pairing with highly reenforcing activities….


Today we checked out the day program at The Garden.   

There have been times in Ds life that I’ve been very comfortable handing D over, other times I am the worst helicopter parent ever!   

Today is an example of the first.  

This is going to be a great fit, I’m so excited!!!