Monthly Archives: July 2017

Sleep, creep, leap….


After the massive flood last winter, we chose to not replace some items that were lost. We chose instead to do some landscaping (replacing our broken sprinkler and new sod). One of things we did was fence off a portion of our back yard for a flower garden for me. 

It’s a perennial garden as I don’t have the time for maintenance beyond a quick watering a few times a day.  It’s become my favorite place to spend an hour decompressing in the evening.   Especially since the blue tooth speaker and our wifi reach back here. 😉

Next year’s flowers should be amazing!

Using Danny’s national parks pass….


I’m embarrassed that I’ve lived here for almost twenty five years and this was our first adventure to Rocky Mountain National Park.   Totally worth the drive and the beau joes pizza on the way home. 😉

(Hard to see since you didn’t want to get too close- momma and baby bear)

We show up when needed always astonished we need to fight for what is being fought for…..


Welcome to Ds soapbox. It’s not abstract- it’s personal.  

We’ve been actively advocating for disability “rights” for 16 years. 

Ds nonverbal but do not mistake he is passive and attends whatever his “bleeding heart liberal” momma drags him to.  (Just for the record, I’m not actually a bleeding heart liberal but more a “conservative moderate” except for where it applies to d, his voice, and what most equate for fighting for his rights.).   He attends because he’s fighting, if this were just my cause, we would be swimming and drawing rainbows. 

Personally, I’ve never understood why we (and he) need to fight for the same basic rights  to choose where he lives as the rest of us take for granted and sometimes, because of our basic rights, to behave like a complete ass and piss away opportunity.  

Not long ago our d would have been destined to an institution.   Or “a home”

You know what?  Now, until the “caps that will allow states more freedom to choose for their budgets” go into place- Right now  d can choose where he lives and what he does.  Everything we as typical folks take for granted for d involves suppports either by us or folks he hires as no one over the age of 6  wants their momma involved in their independence.  

I will never convince those on the opposite of the political spectrum as we appear to be. But for a moment, pop yourself into Ds shoes and think  how flipping frustrating it would be to be reliant on anyone to go where you want to go when you want to go there……

D is about to be an adult. 

My job now is to allow you hear his voice expressing  his choice even if I’m the voice you hear….I’ve spent his life letting go to set up supports for his independent life even while expressing my hesitation for using the ginormous swing in glenwoood because I’m afraid of heights but also allowing him to tell me in his version of colorful explective off because you NEVER confuse nonverbal with non conmunitive.    

Our other kids, if you ask, I smother.  

D, I set up to soar.  And soar he will. Hopefully with the program that allows and encourages long term suppports.  

I know many of you dislike “political” in social media. It’s not “political” on marrs. It’s essential  for our d. Nothing “political” about it. 

Busy busy day…..


First we attended an Ability Camp on the field of Mile High put on by the National Sports Center for the Disabled….they are my new favorite group.   We had such a blast. 

Then over to outside our GOP Senator’s office to excercise our civic rights trying to prevent federal cuts to the only program that will pay for long term health services so that folks with disabilities can stay in their own homes in their communities.   Ds been advocating for services for himself and others with disabilities for almost fifteeen years now.  He deserves to be able to live where he wants, not where its most convenient.  He chooses home with his family, so we better show up so those that have power remember this population are living breathing humans.   He may be nonverbal so it’s up to me to make sure his voice is heard.