Hannah started today. 

She’s a doll and speaks sign. She might be a good fit so I’m spending the fall training her so we have help during busy season. 

The help in the house is a good thing. 

But it’s also a pain. I’ve really enjoyed not having people in and out of my house (except for the Heidi date night). 

It takes a while to see if someone is going to work out….to see if they build the trust with Danny.  I’ve never had anyone here that I didn’t trust to keep him safe, but the communication trust is infinitely more difficult to establish.  And if he decides after six weeks you can’t understand him, he’s done with you. 

If you make it past learning, you spend a long time on marrs. If you don’t…

It has to be so hard to constantly have to show strangers patience and not be able to have meaningful interactions for weeks, if ever.  

We are trying again because I need some help January-April, but if it doesn’t work…..d and I will make do. 

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